Bonita Springs Real Estate DealFor about 15 years I have sold real estate in Bonita Springs Florida.  I’ve seen a lot of buyers and sellers come and go and there is one solid way to separate real estate buyers from time gobbling, tire kickers, the dreaded “Call us if anything comes up …”.  There isn’t a real estate agent in town who hasn’t heard that from a real estate buyer getting out of their car and knowing they’d never see or hear from that person again.

Here’s the deal: If you are a real estate buyer in Bonita Springs and you didn’t jump on an opportunity when you were physically standing in several of the best units presented when you were able to see, smell, touch and feel them, what makes you think you will jump on a super deal, sight unseen that I dig up for you somewhere down the road.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve sold a boat load of real estate sight unseen.  Read also: Buying Real Estate Sight Unseen  That is not impossible and it’s actually easier than you might imagine, for those who are serious about landing a home or condo when they are not in town.

The fact of the matter is that there are Realtors in Bonita Springs, like me, who invest tons of time watching out for and previewing real estate for someone who is up north who will, in fact, buy.  We have pointed discussions with buyers who commit to being loyal to us, the real estate agents, who is putting in the time to “keep an eye out” for that deal, that floor plan, that exposure, that fixer upper.  We are usually good at what we do and we don’t mind putting in the work if there is a closing, sometime, somewhere down the road to help us recoup our expenses.  There are actual expenses, too.  This isn’t an inexpensive business to be in and we don’t draw salary. 

We real estate agents get paid for performance so it’s an insult to drop the half-assed “call me if anything comes up” when you weren’t satisfied with the best that your budget allowed after X amount of days or weeks of our hard work.