When The Home Seller Provides Access

Great real estate agents are created by an amalgamation of experiences throughout the years. Through my own experiences both as a buyer’s agent and listing agent I have taken a lot of photos that I have either saved or, now, get uploaded to Google as a back-up.  

Recently, I ran across a photo that I wasn’t brave enough to ever post until now. At the time I was a buyer’s agent but now I am ready to post it as advise from the listing agent perspective.  I recall the property I was showing that day.  It was located in Imperial River East area and it was a gulf access, canal front home. The showing instructions were that the owner was home and that they would let us in to tour the property.  Not my favorite scenario as having the owner or tenant stand there while we look makes the home buyers uncomfortable. (If you’re a home seller, please do not do this.)  To help gauge the home buyer’s expectations I let them know as we drove from one property to the target property that the home owner would be there.  It helps prep them a little; take your time, don’t feel intimidated to speak freely about the home, if you don’t feel comfortable looking beyond a closed door ask me to do it, etc.

Well, we pulled into the driveway and I told the buyers to just sit tight for a minute. I announced that I was going to take a photo and that the subject of that photo was likely going to dictate the rest experience at the home unless we decide to not let that happen.  Then I took a photo of the truck which was parked in front of us, in the driveway of the home for sale. My buyer’s were great sports and looked at the truck tailgate and then burst out laughing in spite the vulgarity of the situation.Bonita Springs Home Seller

Needless to say, the buyers did not purchase that home but they did buy a property, I believe in Copperleaf at the Brooks. I know, a gulf access home in Heitmans vs. Copperleaf is a huge difference but she wanted waterfront and he wanted golf.  They settled for a waterfront home in a bundled golf community and membership at Baywater Exclusive Boat Club.

The whole bumper sicker experience that day has always stuck in the back of my mind and came to the front again after I stumbled over this photo.  These are the experiences that make Bonita Springs Listing Agents better listing agents.  Even *if* a home seller had to be there it would be the listing agent’s job to have things like this not in the driveway.  If they weren’t able to negotiate that the home seller not be there they could, at the very least, offer listing offer accompany so that the seller and his tampon/va-jay-jay stickered truck weren’t there.