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Bench of Knowledge

The city of  Bonita Springs has tons of art in public places but this one was a little mission to find.  These two used to be on display at The Banyan Tree in Downtown Bonita Springs, for years. The Secret Bench of Knowledge by artist Leah Vivot was installed in 2003. 

Fast forward through the redevelopment of the downtown area up to spring of 2019 when I found this old photo of them and wondered where they went.  I eventually posted the photo in the Bonita Springs Estero Community Forum and members chimed in with their location.

Our handsome couple now reside at city hall.  You can easily park and visit them on your way into the building. 

Also, if you venture inside you’ll find on of my own favorite pieces of art. I have always been fascinated with it and it’s representation of one of Bonita Springs’ fixtures, Les Piper, of The Everglades Wonder Gardens.

Art in Public Bonita Springs

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