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Big Cypress Gallery Clyde Butcher | 152/365 Things to Do

There are more than a few fun things to do in Big Cypress that don’t involve going into the Everglades and one of them is touring the Big Cypress Gallery.  The Big Cypress Gallery showcases the photographic artistry of Clyde Butcher who is a noted photograph who specializes in outdoor and landscape photography, primarily in the Florida Everglades.

Whether you’re a tourist or a resident living in the Bonita Springs area you can appreciate the work.  He’s been to places in the swamp that both you and I will never get to and he’s taken photos that are considered national treasures.  The photos are available in a variety of sizes and make great souvenirs.

If you go plan a little time to stop at a few other locations such as the Ochopee Post Office and Big Cypress Bend Boarwalk that is on the way to Big Cypress.

If you’re looking for a little extra adventure sign up for one of the Big Cypress Swamp Walks.  Read also, Clyde Butcher Swamp Walk | 133/365 Things to Do