Clyde Butcher Big Cypress Swamp Walk

Clyde Butcher Swamp Walk | 133/365 Things to Do

A very talented photographer lives in Southwest Florida in Big Cypress.  Clyde Butcher has made the Everglades his home and found a way to photograph it splendidly.  For those who are brave enough to venture into the swamp you can book a swamp walk in Big Cypress.  Mr. Butcher is so passionate about the Everglades so much he wants to make sure anyone with a will has a way.

When you go be prepared to have a great time. The walk is safe and fun. You are with the pros and most of what you have imagined about the swamp or the Everglades is your imagination gone wild.  It’s the most beautiful place on the planet, teeming with the most beautiful plants and animals.  Be sure to wear clothes and shoes that you can get wet and include a hat and sunscreen.  Most of all bring an open mind because you are really going to be doing something special.

The swamp walks can be booked through their official website Weather and time of year permitting, of course.  While you’re east of Naples visiting Big Cypress be sure to stop by the tiny post office in Ochopee, too.    Read also, The Tiniest Post Office in America