Affordable Dining In Bonita Springs Florida

Affordable Dining in Bonita Springs Florida

The inflation in the summer of 2022 is outrageous and many residents of Bonita Springs are feeling it in the wallet. Jerry and I have been going through some of our gift cards when we dine out just to help soften some of the price hikes we have seen. We were driving home from Naples yesterday and started talking about what we thought was affordable food after we just paid $40 for pizza. Yes, remarkable, I know. It’s not the restaurateur's fault, it’s inflation and they have to pass the price hikes onto the consumer.

Here are some of the ideas we came up with for affordable dining in Bonita Springs and a few affordable snacks whether you’re eating out at a restaurant, take out or home:

  • We discovered a very large take home and cook pizza at Aldi in Bonita Springs.  Prices are from $5.99 for a very large pizza.
  • The Brass Tap in Bonita Springs with the poker room at the location near the old dog track has a $5 burger and fry special on Monday.  It’s huge, delicious and quite a deal. It is new, smoke free and has a lovely restaurant separate from gaming.
  • We’d never be able to skip some deals at Costco.  Whether it’s in Naples or Fort Myers there are consistent offerings that are a bargain. You can actually eat at the food court very affordably and pick up a meal for the next day. The rotisserie chicken are twice the size of a Publix chicken and lower in price. Also, a birthday cake made at Costco is $20 and the last cake we almost ordered at Publix was going to be $60+! 
  • You can get pizza by the slice at Deromo’s at The Promenade at Bonita Bay.  1 slice is actually 1/4 of a pizza and you can buy a bottle of water (and even split it) at checkout and eat outdoors in the courtyard.
  • Napoli Pizza also offers pizza by the slice. They’re located at Bonita Beach Rd and Old 41. They just came to the Bonita Springs restaurant scene in Spring of 2022.
  • We’ve discovered a few things about Walmart in Estero just south of San Carlos Park. Walmart does buy local produce. The potatoes are from SWFL!  We also started buying fruit for our veterans gatherings there and cutting it up ourselves. The Family Size Frosted Flakes box is $3.98 at Walmart and $5.69 at Publix.
  • Marias Restaurant on Old 41 in Downtown Bonita Springs on Tuesday has Taco Tuesday – $1 tacos, $2 for a steak taco.
  • The Dollar Tree stores offer a lot of shelf stable food and even frozen meals at select locations  (Old 41 Rd) in the freezer section.  Even Jell-O Pudding packs are $1.25
  • Enrico’s Ristorante in Bonita Springs has a great lunch special for $12.99 that also comes with a salad.  From a sandwich, a meal or even a calzone. It’s a great value. The calzone is big enough to take half home for lunch the next day.
  • Tijuana Flats offers fairly affordable meals. You can also split a nacho chips order. It’s certainly big enough for two people.
  • Wednesday there is farmer market in downtown Bonita Springs at Riverside Park. Produce is fresh, affordable and many times, local.
  • Farmer Mikes on Morton Ave has a produce stand and self-pick.
  • Straight out of NY Bagels are huge and large enough for 2.  If you stop in for a bagel schmear you can split one for smaller appetites. My favorite is an everything bagel, open face, toasted with veggie cream cheese and tomato slices.  Enough for two.
  • Ruth’s Chris at Coconut Point offers $8 happy hour specials that several items including Ahi tuna and a prime burger,

We hope you find this list helpful. If you have any tips to share, comment and let us know. We will add them to the list!