Master Bait and TackleIt's been there as long as I can remember - right at the corner of Bonita Beach Road and West Avenue in Sunny, Bonita Springs, Florida. Every once in a while someone get a bee in their bonnet about the name. It will go before the city council and there will be a few stories in the local papers. The hub bub usually dies down and the name stays. It's a landmark at this point. A tourist trap that sells tons of t-shirts and bumper-stickers emblazoned with their motto: "You can't beat our bait".

It is one of those buildings that every time you drive by someone is taking a picture of it. I was once a neighbor to Master Bait and Tackle. I actually lived right around the corner, (in Bonita Shores) from Master Bait and Tackle for several years. The biggest difficulty I had with the name is when my son, who was a little fisherman would ask me to take him to the store for live shrimp. He abbreviated the name and left of the "& tackle" part. Getting asked that in public was just awful. Today, I stopped and took a picture for the first time in over 20 years. I was too embarrassed to get out of the car so I sort of did a drive by. I am posting this at the request of Bob Carney who asked about it on my Imperial River Boat Ramp - Bonita Springs, Florida blog and Sarah Cooper because she wants to read all of the comments and juvenile discussion this will likely produce. Hey, I'm all for supporting the local "mom & pop" businesses so if you need a fishing license, bait fish or tackle stop in instead of hitting Kmart. The owners are local and will appreciate the business.