No Homes to Sell Bonita Springs Seller Market

The Bonita Springs Sellers Market - Tips for Home Sellers

Even before the pandemic, there were more people who wanted to buy a home in Bonita Springs than there were sellers. 8,000 Americans turn 65 every. dang. day.

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Main things have driven the shortage of homes for sale in Bonita Springs:

  • The economy -a record long expansion and low unemployment, pre-COVID-19
  • Home owners caught in the last big short have licked their wounds and are ready to try home ownership again.
  • historically low interest rates that give people more buying power – could purchase more expensive homes because their interest portion of their home loan was so much smaller.
  • Two new sizable new generations of home shoppers entering the real estate market. Millennials as first time and boomers planning their future are both purchasing homes.
  • There was a sharp drop in new home construction over the past decade which was reignited – Think DR Horton and Lennar Homes.

· 30 day lock down – Shortly thereafter Florida was open for business – Covid escapees from NY NJ IL CT Etc.

  • Retirement – Many Bonita Springs home owners moved into their second home removing surplus home rentals from the real estate market.
  • More buyers than sellers. Now home seller are trapped in their homes because they have no where to go if they did sell their home or condo.