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No Second Chances to Make That First Impression

The Bonita Springs real estate market is fiercely competitive. There are a variety of dynamics at work making it harder than ever to get a home sold and off the market in a fair amount of time. Currently in Bonita Springs the real estate market offers a substantial amount of inventory. Our units of sales were actually up in February, but with so much inventory its hard to get a home noticed. It comes down to price, first and condition, second.

Say you're going to the grocery store and you're standing in the milk isle. There is milk from a few dairy brokers. The milk is offered in the same container size of a one gallon. The milk from two of the dairy brokers is for sale for $3.79 per gallon, but the milk from the third dairy is $3.39 per gallon. Which milk do you buy? Which milk does most of the public buy? You guessed it. Customers buy homes the same way. They shop value first. Where home purchasing is concerned if a home is overpriced it usually doesn't make the short list of homes to tour.

If a home does make the list to be shown it might be its one and only chance. It's like an open audition for a Broadway show and most of the time there aren't call backs. This is where the slightest, littlest thing could turn a buyer off. Homes have to be cleaner than clean. They need to look and smell good, too. After all it isn't that special of a house compared to the dozens and dozens that it is competing against.

The other day I drove up to a home to preview it for a buyer. I pulled in the driveway of a Bonita Springs home and was greeted by "the numbers" as my first impression. Why? It would have been better to just leave the number off of the home rather than stick it back up there using Terradactyl crap as adhesive. What a shame. I have a fairly broad mind when looking at homes. I'm good at seeing past some of the issues that are left for buyers to deal with. My first thought, was to put myself in the buyers shoes and ask myself what they would think. Would they think the home is in disrepair? Since the numbers weren't properly adhered to the home and were installed so poorly, maybe important items like the heat and cooling systems were not properly cared for either. Then, the buyers start scrutinizing and nitpicking everything because they can. Those gunky numbers gave them the permission to start looking hard at everything.

If you're trying to make a good first impression:

  • Pressure-wash your home, driveway and mailbox to get of the mildew and dust.
  • Repaint your front door inside and out. Consider a new color to punch up the look.
  • Make sure the door opens and closes with ease. (without the hip bump)
  • Put new hardware on the door if the existing set is tarnished or damaged.
  • Throw a new mat down and keep it clean.
  • If the weather is cooperating plant some fresh flowers in pots either by the front door or in the beds to spark up the home.
  • If your garage door needs painted, paint it the same color as the body of the home to not draw attention to it.
  • Remove lint from dryer vents and nearby bushes.
  • Trim bushes, pull weeds and remove lawn ornaments.
  • If the windows need washed....just wash the windows anyway, whether you think they need it or not.

Never, ever, ever attempt a handy-man task that you can't make look 100% professional. You will undo every ounce of hard work you did in an instant. Now, get out there and start making a great first impression.