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Deed Restrictions | Homeowner Association Rules & Regulations | HOA Guidelines

For many buyers of real estate it is important to know and ask questions about restrictions that will effect owners, tenants and guest living in homes within a home owner association. First, Restrictive Covenants are created for protection of owners not to punish. A home owner association will frequently have several basic rules that help maintain the beauty and aesthetic appeal of the community.

Some examples would be:

  • Paint Color of the Home or Structure.
  • No Commercial Vehicles.
  • Domestic Pets Only or Number of Pets Permitted Per Residence.
  • Minimum Number of Days to Lease a Home (30 Day Minimum).
  • Boat Trailers or RV's Parked in Driveway.

Easily, it's possible to see why these simple restrictions are meant to protect home owners from their neighbors interesting choices in paint color, herd of yapping Chihuahuas or their idea to rent a house out by the week, like a hotel.

More pointed homeowner association restrictions can include:

  • Where or How a Digital Satellite Disc Receiver is Attached to a Home or Structure.
  • If a Homeowner is Able to Add a Front Screen Door.
  • The Procedure for Retrofitting a Swimming Pool at a Single Family Residence.
  • Permission for Back Yard Swing Set or Driveway Basket Ball Hoop.
  • Fishing in Community Lakes or Ponds.
  • Who is Responsible For Pest Control.

If there is a restriction or concern you have about a community or home owner association that you are thinking of leasing or purchasing a home in, you should double check the rules prior to purchase or occupancy. How do you do this? Simply ask to review the home owner association documents. You can request a set from the home owner, the home owner's real estate agent or read them online at www.leeclerk.org. You can also call the property management company in charge of the homeowner association and request a response from them. Often times they can answer the question for you and even put you in contact with a home owner association representative, such as the president of the HOA or another officer.

Homeowner associations may also have Community Development Districts. Information regarding a CDD in SW Florida can me located at www.CDDSWF.com.