Digging The Bonita Springs Weather

Do you suppose people are just sick and tired of being sick and tired?

A few weeks ago I noticed that car carriers were back.  Many of our northern snowbirds put their cars on delivery trucks and fly down to meet their car.  I thought it was early for the migration.  Don't get me wrong, I'm delighted to see the new faces in town.

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Last week I was just thrilled to have dinner at AA Two Brothers pizza.  They had a grand re-opening after being closed for the summer.  They were sorely missed by more than me and my pizza loving gang.  From the looks of the people dining in the restaurant, everyone missed them. I don't know that there was a table empty.

After dinner I went to the movies at the old Regal Cinema at the Prado.  First of all, I hate the movies.  I'm one of those people always on the grind and when I sit still I fall asleep.  I've seen the first 30 minutes of every movie, but stayed awake through the entire move, "The Patriot" - a civil war epic piece that was almost four hours long.  Oh, I stayed awake through Malibu's Most Wanted, too.  Tragic.  At any rate, there are usually just a handful of people in the theater and this week it was about half full which is a lot.  Unusual, but great to see.

A few friends and associates got to talking about the influx of visitors to Bonita Springs and the restaurants, stores and theater having a little more traffic than usual.  My own opinion is everyone decided to come back here to get a jump start at getting in a better frame of mind.  They're all just sick and tired of the gloom and doom and they're ready to start the winter in Southwest Florida to shake off the ick of a sad, sorry summer.

If you're a northerner making your way back to Bonita Springs, Florida and looking for some "best of" things to try once you get here:

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Just my humble opinion, of course....