Bonita Springs Vet Dog

   Veterinary Animal Hospital For Bonita's Best Residents

Today I drove the shopping center called the Centre at Bonita Springs.  It's where the Publix grocery and Kmart is at Bonita Beach Road and US 41.  I passed White Sands Animal Clinic.  There was a truck backed up to the door, Dr. Mason's truck.  Sunday morning was spent caring for sick pups instead of lounging in bed on a holiday weekend watching a classic movie, what a guy. 

I quickly remembered all of the great things that have come of taking a few of our mutts to White Sands.  First, Dr. Mason saved Jack many moons ago. We had visited several vets with no answers and Dr. Mason, in minutes, dropped a perfect diagnosis that cured him.  We've had a few episodes since then and every time White Sands is the first place we go to save our "kid" Jack.  He's pushing 12 now, with thanks to Dr. Mason.  Eh, you know the holidays are here and you have to be grateful for what you have and I love my little dog, a whole glob.

The whole crew at White Sands also has done their best in other circumstances, also.  Both Dr. Mason and Dr. Rashidi (I hope I spelled that right) have been saviors for one of my son's dogs that contracted the Parvo Virus and was cured.  Lilly is doing just fine, by the way.  I think Jon will be bringing her in to get spayed soon. 

Thank you and Merry Christmas to everyone at White Sands Animal Clinic.  I'm sure one of you will have your car backed up to the clinic on Christmas Day taking care of someone else's pooch, again.