White Oleander in Bonita Springs

White Oleander – The Frangipani Wannabe

Oleander is a really common flower in Bonita Springs yards and gardens. It’s far more pretty up close than far away. I consider the bushes tall and gangly.  While I don’t have any in my yard I do see them all over town.  I’ve seen them in pink and in white.  This white oleander was located in Brendan Cove of Bonita Springs, Florida, in the preserve section.  It had two things going for it:  Flowers low enough for me to photograph and a path to get to it without walking through weeds or water.  Naturally, I was wearing nice shoes.

Enjoy the white oleander and it’s hot pink neighbor growing along Corkscrew Road in Estero, Florida.  There is a light pink Oleander in front of Bonita Bay.  I just need to get some photos on a cloudy day before they get sleepy and wilted from the summer heat.

Pink Oleander