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How To Measure Real Estate Agents and Brokerages

What do you mean you’re not with Coldwell Banker real estate?  I was sitting in a listing presentation interview when the home owner asked that question.  Why he thought I was with that particular real estate brokerage, I’ll never know.  I’ve never been with that brokerage in my twelve plus years of being a Bonita Springs real estate agent.

It sort of surprised me that he seemed so shocked. He thought he had carefully chosen three or four real estate agents from different Bonita Springs real estate brokerages in an attempt to find the best agent.  Little did he, or most consumers, realize that that real estate agents are independent contractors who merely have their license under the brokerage “umbrella”. 

Most accomplished real estate agents run their own careers with little to no input from the broker or the real estate brokerage.  We run our own websites, we control our own transactions, we service our own listings.  What is required of the agent by the brokerage is to follow their rules, account for paperwork and occasionally make sure they obtain any mandatory addendums required by the brokerage such as the Defective Chinese Drywall Addendum.

There is good and bad in every business, including real estate.  The best real estate agents are just that, the best.  The worst real estate agents are probably the worst … or just having a bad day.  The brokerage they work for often is irrelevant. 

To put it into perspective, a real estate consumer could call five agent from the same brokerage and be please with some and not like the others.  It’s about the the agent, the person; their work ethic, their web presence, their professionalism, attention to detail, experience, and their years of cumulative work knowledge and battle scars

The logo doesn’t make the real estate agent better. After all, you could take a so-called green horn real estate agent in a brokerage with a great reputation and not get the results you were expecting because it’s about the individual agent the overwhelming majority of the time.  It didn’t really matter what brokerage I was with when that home owner was interviewing me. It just mattered that I did what I said and performed above his expectations.

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