Bugs, Mold and Missing  Refrigerators

You know how those foreclosure homes and short sales homes often don’t have a refrigerator? Where do those refrigerators go? Sucked up by aliens? Stolen and sold on Craigslist?

I see it all the time. The fridge is gone and cha-ching the buyers think, “There’s $1,500 we’re going to need”. Well, today the question was answered. While showing a home in Stoneybrook at Estero the instructions were, “Do not open refrigerator” with a little mention of the pool being green and undergoing treatment. Double yummy!

One of the last utilities to go is the power. Sometimes the tenants bail out and the absentee owner doesn’t know their home is festering in the sweltering Florida sun. Sometimes the owners are just down on their luck and can’t afford the electric. I’m not sure what happened in Stoneybrook but it was obvious that the power was out long enough for anything that could start reacting biologically to get ugly.

At any rate, it’s just a fridge and can be replaced. I pity the gent that scores the job of moving and disposing of it!

I showed about a half dozen short sales in Estero and Bonita Springs this morning. They’re sort of getting worse and worse with time. I feel that people are so bummed by the environment, their circumstance and the woes of our economy that they’re giving up and not even taking care of their own environment. I’m not necessarily talking about the icky fridge house, it was in decent shape compared to others.

Short sale people, groom your homes and condos for the competition. It’s still a harsh real estate market out there. If you were a contestant for Miss America would you not at least brush your hair, put on decent clothes and put on makeup?

Brush Hair = Vacuum

Make Up = Paint

Decent Clothes = Pick Up Dog Poo

(Yes, we see *everything* out there)