Where do Bonita Springs home buyers come from?  As a listing agent in the Bonita Springs area I have preached the value of great internet presence to home sellers since early on. I was one of the first real estate agents in Bonita Springs with a website so I am keenly aware of how buyers use the web to house hunt. Add to that using analytics to track behaviors and even locations and you can learn a lot about how a potential home buyer will search for homes in Bonita Springs and even find your home for sale online.

Tracking Home Buyers For Home Sellers

It may or may not surprise you to know that home buyers are searching online for homes for sale in the Bonita Springs area from locations all over the world.  The internet is the great leveler in advertising and it is the most effective both in reach and cost. Home buying consumers are mostly located in the United States and are from the states listed below. I will throw in the caveat that some searching from Florida could be visiting town already.

1.   Florida

Bonita Springs Buyer2.  Massachusetts

3.  New York

4.  Illinois

5.  Ohio

6.  New Jersey

7.  Michigan

8.  Pennsylvania

9.  Minnesota

10. Connecticut

Most analytics can show a ‘heat map’ of where the real estate buyers are searching from plus there is an ability to drill down to city level, also.  Most home sellers do not know there is this technology available and many listing agents in Bonita Springs do not have a thorough grasp on web activity to keep an eye on it. 

I thought you’d like to know where the person who buys your home might be searching from. That might be an important question to ask listing agents when they interview to list your home for sale.

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