Bonita Springs home opinion

An Opinion of Your Bonita Springs Home

Recently, I sold a Pelican Landing condo to a client.  She is a repeat client. I’ve sold her real estate before.  This condo purchase was a downsize to have more of a turn-key lifestyle for fast trips in and out of RSW.  The hunt for condos and homes in Bonita Springs was fairly brief but there was a lot of toad kissing involved before we found just the right condo. When the perfect condo was found it wasn’t exactly perfect but it had just the right view and the cosmetics could be changed.

The buyer remarked to me that some of her family members were disappointed that it wouldn’t be big enough. That they may want to come see it in person first before she writes a contract for it.  Many buyers do bring friends, family members or trusted advisors to see the property and that is important. The missing component to that application is that the “second opinion” on the real estate hasn’t been through the high and low search.  They haven’t seen the worst of the worst and the very reason why the property you’ve chosen is the one chose.  They’re rending an opinion based on the one property that they have viewed and nothing else to base it on whether it’s visual or smell. Yes, some real estate smells.

As a frequent buyer or seller of real estate (for my own personal investing) in the Bonita Springs area I often have people who visit my homes remark that if I ever found a ‘little gem’ like this, to let them know.  Some gems aren’t gems when they’re purchased. My gem has white tile floors circa 1990 and sea foam green walls.  Today it’s sporting porcelain wood plank looking tile.  If I had asked family members to tell me what they thought of this home before I bought it they would have given it the big thumbs down. Meanwhile, a paint job, new flooring and a few years in the rear view mirror there is a little equity built up in the property.

It’s a tough call to get a second opinion and you need to be ready to either let your trusted advisor know about the other properties so you can set the stage or be thick skinned enough to handle an opinion that may not be too kind.