With the sound track of Frank Sinatra singing “My Way” in the back ground I regretfully share with my public that I will no longer be responding to unsigned emails or no ID callers.

Although I love to help answer any real estate questions there are some people that just can’t be helped. Actually, they can. They can lay off the sauce or take their medication precisely as prescribed. That should help.

There are a few things I want you to know:

  1. I don’t make the real estate market. The buyers do. Period. Blacktop. Get over it.
  2. I don’t support Bonita Bay, the Ronto Group or anyone else that screwed over little old ladies that paid good money for a golf membership. If they laid out from $30,000-$150,000 for an optional, recreational, golf membership life can’t be that bad, can it? I just don’t see these little old ladies eating cat food between the 9th and 10th hole.  Take your arguments to court where they belong, not my email.
  3. I just report the local real estate market conditions and have supporting figures that tell the story, if you don’t like it tough crap. (refer to 1)
  4. No, I will not research your absorption rate unless you hire me. I don’t work for free. If your agent can’t do it then what exactly are they doing for you?
  5. Everything I write isn’t a conspiracy. (refer to number 1) I don’t twist numbers because I don’t have the energy or time. (refer to number 3) If I was that freaking brilliant and diabolical I’d be fishing a bigger pond.
  6. Yes, I make typos and occasionally a mistake. If you kindly let me know I will make the correction. There is no need to be such a tool bag about it. Besides, nobody really cares that much.
  7. If you leave me a nasty, crazy voice mail telling me what a horrible person you think I am and leave your name and number. I won’t call you back but I will turn the voicemail into an MP3 and host it on my site so the rest of Lee and Collier County knows what a punk you are. (coming soon)
  8. Bloggers blog, as in they have a blog that they manage, for example www.LifeInBonitaSprings.com. Bloggers do not comment on other blogs and get considered a blogger. Those would be commenter’s because they’re commenting. That means those who comment on the paper website are commenter’s, not bloggers. Joggers actually jog, bloggers actually blog. I am a blogger, you are a commenter. Please refer back to number 6.
  9. When you email me and eventually ramble off to the Twin Towers conspiracy (refer to number 4) and ask me to do research on “Ben Ladin” know this, I don’t know “Ben” Ladin nor do I have any desire to research “Ben” for a real estate column.
  10. Most of the time it is pretty easy to figure out who is actually a fellow blogger just being consumed with the green eyed monster. It’s just sad when I realize it’s actually the broker of the firm. (refer to paragraph 2) Yes, I am tracking IP addresses you silly goose.