Tai Chi Neon Sign Bonita Springs

The Hunt For Bonitian Neon Lights

It was really an effort to find neon in Bonita Springs.  We don’t have a whole bunch of it, besides the classic, common “open” sign.  If you’re a resident of Bonita Springs you may recognize a few of them or be able to put together where they’re located.  Here’s a few things I realized while gathering these pictures.

First, I do have to say that when you take pictures at night … especially of neon signs at night, the proprietors of the businesses get nervous and think you’re with Bonita Springs code enforcement.  I got charged by two business owners in the last month.  After explaining in detail that I am a sweet little cupcake and mean no harm they eased up but still gave me “the eye” while I was walking away.

Second, we don’t have a lot of neon lights so I had to drive more than walk because it was more like a city wide hunt.  Basically, the majority of the signs were on a trip down Old 41 Road starting at the north end in the Bernwood Plaza and heading south.  I stopped at Riverside Park.

Signage is a big reason why Bonita Springs maintains it’s small town feel.  We don’t have much neon, no LED signs and our monument signs are restricted in size.  I tried to link up to the page on signage but he City of Bonita Springs website is pretty darn confusing, the ordinance is not searchable but you can report anything that ticks you off pretty easy.  Sure would be nice to see the preventative measure first and just the “report violation” form.

Enjoy the rest of the neon’s and see if you can remember where you saw them in Bonita Springs.

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