Wade in Estero Bay 102/365 Things to Do

Estero Bay Sea Star

Wading in Estero Bay is a great way to learn about sea life.  It’s also inexpensive if you are looking for fun things to do with kids.  When my kids were younger  they even had school field trips to Estero Bay and Bunche Beach near Sanibel Causeway to learn about sea life.

First, stop at any local dollar store for beach buckets and nets.  You can easily get a few for a couple of dollars. Then head to Lover’s Key causeway and pull over anywhere near Carl Johnson Boat Ramp, Dog Beach or anywhere there is access through the mangroves.  Simply wade knee deep and you’ll be amazed by what you see.  There are conch and welk the size of a coconut in the bay.  I’ve seen the most exotic of sea stars and all sorts of crabs.

Don’t be too afraid of the water.  Water shoes are encouraged but the bottom is generally soft and sea  grass covered in many areas. 

To learn more about Estero Bay or to find a guided program visit: http://www.esterobaybuddies.org/