Another Reason Why I Love Two Brothers

Today, I'm not feeling so swell. I've been a little sickly lately.  One of the kids was over last week and brought a friend that had the cooties.  I think I somehow caught "Crusty's" germs and now I'm not doing so hot.  I've had a sore throat which turned to a hacking cough and now I have no voice.  Good news for those of you that are sick tired of hearing me cackle.  If you're wondering, Crusty is a nickname and a term of endearment.  He loves our crazy family or he's a really good actor.

I've been struck voiceless but not helpless.  I'm not so sick that I didn't get hungry.  It hit me a few minutes ago (when I realized there was no food in this house) that I can still order takeout.  I went to AA Two Brothers Pizzeria website and ordered online. I ordered online for the first time a few weeks ago.  Setting up the account is a breeze and just takes a minute.  After that you can just leaf through the menu, order your items and quantities and it totals it up for you.  You can even pay online if you're sending someone else to pick it up for you, like I was doing.  You can even choose your toppings for pizza and calzone by clicking the item of choice.  It's as simple as A,B,C.

If you haven't heard about AA Two Brothers yet, you have to stop in.  Two Brothers is the best pizza in Bonita Springs.  They're located behind the John R. Wood Building, next to Kid Zoo on US41 in Bonita Springs, just across the street from Bonita Bay.

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