Serenity Walk Park Naples Florida

Visit Serenity Walk Park in Naples, Florida 63/365

This morning I loaded up the bike, and headed out to Serenity Walk Park. It has a small gated parking lot with 5 parking spots and one handicapped parking spot. There is a small ramp and wooden area with a picnic table before the trail starts right by the parking lot, and 4 recycling cans, (I didn’t see a regular trash can). There are no restrooms or public source of drinking water. There are no dogs allowed.

The one mile loop trail at Serenity Walk Park is a well maintained sandy trail that is easy mountain biking. I have hiked this trail several times before and decided to do the loop in a counterclockwise direction this time. This way the sound of the traffic is over with early, rather than hearing it at the end of the trip. It’s a little thing, but it seemed to be a nicer trip that way.

There are a number of smaller trails that cross the main loop and I think there used to be a larger extension trail that has been abandoned since Hurricane Irma. There’s still plenty of felled trees from Irma, which is handy for landmarks if you decide to go off the trails, which is what I decided to do today. I don’t know why, it just seemed like the right thing to do for such a big park. If you can make out the deer trails and bedding down areas it’s pretty easy going, at least in the winter, when things aren’t too soggy. I managed to work my way a little ways due West, and was rewarded by seeing a bald eagle flying by and landing in a nearby tree.

If you are looking for fun things to do in Naples Serenity Walk Park is an easy, low cost walking trail to tour.  It’s located off of 951 in Naples, Florida. Just north of Verona Walk and Lely.