Bernwood Cows Bonita Springs

Visit The Cows at Bernwood Bonita Springs  58/365

For as long as I can remember there have been cows and horses in the fields at Bernwood in Bonita Springs, Florida. I remember picking grass for the cows and horses when my twins were little … that was probably about twenty-five years ago.

The field wraps around the Bonita Springs Charter School and run south to Spring Creek.  Yes, the same Spring Creek tributary that runs along side of Cedar Creek, Pelican Landing and Spring Creek Village.  It’s barely a trickle up by Old 41.  The cows basically serve as a means for favorable taxes on the real estate but they have a pretty sweet life and they are quite personable.  I frequently see a young family with a golf cart stop and feed them store bought celery.  They come right to the fence for petties.  The horses are more aloof and couldn’t care less about humans. 

There always lots of babies laying down and sunning a safe distance from the fence.  If you're reading about farm animals it's a fun stop to show to the kids. We don’t have a lot of farm animals in this area so if you are looking for fun things to do with kids drive by and take a look. If you go to see the cows remember that they are strong animals so don’t go in the fence area for your own safety.  They’re fun to look at, especially if you’re a little dog.  I believe that Dillon thinks they’re huge dogs.