Tropical Storm & Hurricane Hobbies | 214/365 Things to Do

Bonita Springs PuzzleIf you’re new to the Bonita Springs area and this is your first summer here you are learning about our “tropical waves”.  From June through September it rains … a lot. Ask me how fun it is to show Bonita Springs real estate during a summer storm.  Summer is our hurricane season and while we don’t get a large amount of hurricanes we get the tropical waves, tropical depressions and tropical storms that keep us indoors. 

A good tropical depression can cause it to rain for days so we have something fun for you to do.  In the age of faces in phones and video games we’ve gone full circle and started putting jigsaw puzzles together again. Just like back in the old days. It started when we took a trip in June 2019 and bought a puzzle in Mount Rushmore. When we got the puzzle back to Bonita Springs we learned that everyone who came into the house ended up around the dining room table working on the puzzle for a little bit.

Puzzles are expensive; usually starting at about $20. Instead of purchasing a new puzzle at Target at Coconut Point Mall I stopped into the Goodwill store in Springs Plaza where Winn Dixie is located. We found a huge selection of puzzles priced from $1.99 plus many other board games.

If you’re looking for fun things to do, especially with kids during the rainy season swing into one of the many thrift stores in the area and pick up a puzzle and invite a few folks over. It’s a very affordable good time and you’d be surprised at the great conversations you’ll have around the kitchen table.