State Street Carambola

Real estate in the State Streets of Bonita Springs

Last week I stopped to visit Lumberjack and we went for a drive through the state streets.  The state streets is the area of town where all of the streets are named after … states. 

The state streets in Bonita Springs is the area of town with some of the first developed real estate.  There are some older homes, historic homes, the Busk relocated, restored historic homes and a few manufactured homes.

The trees in the area are mature and huge.  The real estate itself offers unusual sized lots, some with gulf access.  There are winding streets.  Not everything is cookie cutter like a gated community.

Today, I drove back through the state streets because Lumberjack and I had seen a Carambola tree that was huge and peppered with the fruit.  The Carambola is also known as the star fruit.  When it’s sliced the right way it creates little star shaped snacks like this:


See the star shape? Need a way to get your kids to eat fruits and veggies? Start by covering their plate with stars.

Needless to say, I couldn’t find *the* home with the tree but I found homesteads with star fruit. At one particular home, there was a man and a woman in front of a house on Tennessee Street and I asked if I could take a photo of their tree for you to see.  They said yes.  The husband went inside and got a bag and loaded it up for me!  Bonitians are always so nice.

I asked how old the tree was and the lady said, “My daddy built this house in 1954.”  I asked if the tree was that old and she said it was probably a few years later.    It was a pretty big tree and the lichen are well developed.  This tree could be fifty years old.  Amazing.

My parting gift of fresh picked Carambola in tow, I headed over to see Lumberjack at work.  He was all about tasting them and maybe starting a tree himself from the seeds.  Seeds from old trees are better and not genetically modified or hybrid.

Lumberjack CritterDawg and Carambola Even CritterDawg thinks they’re interesting.  Local farmers markets sometimes sell Carambola and occasionally they are sold right on site by home owners. 

If you’re thinking you’d like an original piece of old Florida real estate in Bonita Springs you can pick up a home in the state streets in great price points and have your very own vintage Carambola tree.  You might even get a grapefruit or variety of orange tree, too. 

The real estate along Old 41 is sprinkled with trees from groves of day gone by. Enjoy a day trip and pick up some fresh history for breakfast tomorrow.