Susan G. Komen 5K at Coconut Point Mall


The Susan G. Komen 5K at Coconut Point Mall was this morning and well over 6,000 participants entered the race. I’ve been riding the fence about running. I really didn’t feel like doing it after coming off of a few weeks of a really bad cold/flu and not being able to train for the run. At the last minute I decided to suck it up and just do it because there were gobs of women [and a few men] who were just to sick to do it all together and they needed someone to show up and do it for them.


Today, I ran the race for a lot of people who are tucked in my heart, a few people that lost their fight in the past and a few that are fighting right now and need someone to help carry them through their struggle. I threw someone who needed a lift on my back and ran a 5K for her. Lori from Hurricane, WV might have never been to Bonita Springs, Fl until today but she ran a decent 31:01:56. It was a little slow for her host but she crossed the line wearing pink and finished 535th place overall (out of over 6,000).


Way to go Lori, your official Susan G. Komen ofSouthwest Floridaparticipation shirt is in the mail.


If you’re a contestant, these are the official race results. I’ve also added a few images in a Flickr show of the event, contestants.


Susan Komen 5K Photos Here