Tijuana Flats Bonita Springs

Tijuana Flats is In Naples and *Now* Bonita Springs

Yesterday, to do something different I headed out for a bite to eat at a new, local Bonita Springs restaurant and then took in a movie. The new restaurant I *finally* tried was Tijuana Flats. Tijuana Flats is located in Bonita Springs but it might be Estero. It’s right in that gray area to me. At any rate, it’s across the street from the North gate of Pelican Landing near The Colony sales center entrance right on US 41 – Tamiami Trail. (Pssst, there's a picture of the building so you'll recognize it when you drive through Bonita Springs.)

I snapped a few photos to add to this page because I thought the restaurant was so darn fun inside. I’ve never been to the other Tijuana flats in Naples, so I had no idea what to expect. When you walk in you order at a counter – after you get done looking around at all the great hand painted art on the walls. After you collect yourself and order you then take a seat and your order is brought to you.

The weather has really been sunny in Bonita Springs and it was super bright out so most of the photos were hard to wrangle, but I saved a few for you. At any rate, you’ll get the gist of how fun the place is. I bet kids would love it. When I was there it was quiet with only a few other tables filled. I had the black bean nachos and ate myself to discomfort. That dish is enough for 3 or 4 people to share.

Tijuana Flats is open for lunch, too. You can get in and out fast if you’re a local looking for a lunch place. I’ll be dragging my crew up there from our Keller Williams real estate office this week, for sure.

The actual address is 8350 Hospital Drive, Bonita Springs, Fl 34135 and their phone number is 239-948-8820.

Their official website is: www.TijuanaFlats.com you at least have to visit to read the “Tijuana Flats Manifesto”. That will at least explain some of the graffiti on the restaurant walls. The hot sauce bar is a work in itself with dozens of sauces with unique names like "smack my sweet ass and call my sally". It's worth a read even if you don't partake in the zip.

I sure hope they participate in the Taste of Bonita Festival !!

bonita Springs Tijuana Flats

Bonita Springs Tijuana Flats

It only burns for a little while

Let's Roll

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Oh, and the movie I ended up seeing was “Wall.e” What a fun flick! We saw it at the Prado a the Regal Cinema Theater. 'Member that theater?

Wall e