Three60Market Naples

Three60Market Naples, Florida | 348/365 Things to Do

Sunday after a church, we decided to go to the Three60 Market. I was not familiar with that eatery, so I was excited to try a new restaurant. After arriving at the Three60Market, I noticed that there was additional parking across the street, which was helpful since this place seemed pretty popular.

We entered the Three60Market, received a menu, and were told to get in line and to order our food. I ordered the Grilled Chicken Sandwich and my friend ordered the Rebecca Sandwich. After ordering, we noticed that there was a large display of wine bottles for sale. The market not only prepares breakfast, lunch, and dinner, they additionally sell a variety of wine bottles.

After spending some time in the Market, I noticed some seating was located inside and additional seating was outside. So we went down stairs to sit outside by the water. There is something peaceful about sitting outside and eating lunch by the water. After a short while, the waiter brought us our food. My Grilled Chicken Sandwich had fresh mozzarella and was on a parmesan ciabatta roll. The Rebecca Sandwich was assembled with Brie, ham, granny smith apple, sprouts, and drizzled with balsamic vinegar and pesto olive oil. I loved my sandwich. Both sandwiches were delicious! Later on, we noticed a little tiki hut boat was anchored right where we were sitting, I believe that after lunch we could have gone for a ride. Maybe the next time.

All in all this was a fantastic experience. Next week when my aunt comes to town, I will take her to the Three60Market.The restaurant is located in Naples off the East Trail at 2891 Bayview Drive.