Couple on Bonita Beach

More Things to Do in Bonita Springs

Someone found this Bonita Springs real estate blog looking for "things to do First Date Bonita Springs, Fl". I don’t think I’ve ever really written specifically about dating. I think I did do a Valentine day post once. It got me thinking that maybe I should write about things to do for a first date in Bonita Springs. I then realized that I am a spinster and I don’t date so my advice could be totally useless.

Instead, I’ll take a stab at a few fun things to do in Bonita Springs. If you happen to try them on a date, you’re on your own if it all goes south. Sorry, but this isn’t the Love Connection.

  1. Hit the Collier County water park. OK, it’s not in Bonita Springs but in the summer it’s only about 20ish minutes away. No, I don’t go to the water park because there isn’t a soul who will see my casper white flesh. Read also: Water Park Info.
  2. Just go eat somewhere like regular boring people. If your favorite restaurant isn’t still in Business just ask someone who is a local where the best place to eat at. Better yet, ask where the best two or three places is and just have an appetizer at each restaurant instead of dinner. Appetizer hopping in Bonita.
  3. Buy inexpensive kites and fly them at Barefoot Beach Preserve at the south end of Barefoot Beach. If you don’t want to fly them just give them to kids and watch. It’s hilarious. Read also: Bonita Beach & Barefoot Beach | Bonita Springs, Florida.
  4. There are a few physical challenges you can try. First, there’s a miniature golf course on Bonita Beach Road west of 41. If you’re so good at putting maybe you should swap putting hands and make it interesting. There is also a Disc (Frisbee) golf course at the Bonita Springs recreation center. You’re suppose to use special discs, not the real Frisbees. I guess you might want to ask someone or google the proper way to play. Better yet, invent your own rules.
  5. Rent a canoe at Carl Johnson Boat Ramp located just north of Bonita Springs at Lover’s Key. Depending on what time of the year, you might want to take a can of Off!

Now get out there and find your future ex-husband or ex-wife! Just a joke. These are all great things to do in sunny Bonita Springs, Fl whether you’re on a date, have company in town or you’re just looking for something new to do with your kids.