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Psst, Bonita Springs Real Estate is Looking Up

For the first time in a good long while I'm actually looking forward to preparing the June Estero and Bonita Springs real estate market report. Usually, I wait until about a 14 days into the month before I do the report. It gives the agents enough time to close out their sales in the MLS so that they all get counted. This month I'm jumping into the market report a little early. Keep an eye out for it next Wednesday. You can sign up for the newsletter to make sure you get the good news. It's easy and free, no spam even. Just click this link: Bonita Springs Newletter

I'm just sure that the report is going to not only be good, but pretty darn good. The sales numbers for Bonita Springs real estate has consistently gone up each month for quite some time. The grumps are everywhere whining and crying about how bad it all is when it's actually improving. How do I know it's improving? Paper. Paper is flying and contracts are being written, accepted and closed. Sure, we still have short sales and foreclosures blipping on the screen but they're not rotting into the ground. How do you know?

How do I know? I ask the experts. Ask a title insurance processor. I spoke with one yesterday and asked all of the questions I could regarding what she's closing, what issues are popping up and what is selling. Ask a home inspector. Better yet, when you make an appointment to get a home inspected note that instead of having the inspection tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. you may actually have to wait up to two weeks to get on the schedule.

It's been quite around Bonita Springs and many people have tightened their purse strings, so why is real estate moving? Maybe the Fence riders have reached point break. The prices of homes have adjusted low enough that it may now be a race against interest rate hikes to get that value. It's true. The "good" real estate deals are moving and the longer a buyer goofs around, the better their chance for delaying a purchase and paying a higher interest rate. Just a word to the wise for you tire kickers out there that are trying to time the market. If you're not careful you just might time yourself out of the Bonita Springs real estate market.