The Banks Ran Me Around For Two Years and One Half Years


Two and one half years with no payments made to the bank, no response from the bank, no foreclosure, no loan modification, seven accepted offers at about $40,000 as a short sale on his home when he just needed and wanted an interest rate adjustment for what he owed on his $150,000 mortgage. 

Meanwhile, the home has been upgraded with beautiful stone floors and turned into a home, for a family.  The bank has sold to another bank three times, changed hands and killed seven purchase offers in the process and held everyone hostage.  The home owners and the seven buyers.

Every time a bank takes over another the entire process is back to start, again.

Eventually, some bank will take the home from them because they can, not because they should.  The current owners still have jobs, just wanted to work it out and became victims of the bigger is better cannibalizing banking industry.