Sonny and Mar

Sonny and Mar Visit Bonita Springs

I am blessed enough to live in the vacation capital of the United States - Bonita Springs, Florida. When I have visitors come they're on vacation, not me. Sonny and Mar came this week.

I loved their stay to bits but I was busy and couldn't entertain the way I wished I could have. I was busy, busy, busy.

This explains why I had little to write this week due to the dinners, BBQ's and what-not that accompanied the ... uh company. Mar went home today but Sonny is here for a few more days. I'm thinking he's a slave to someone that is rebuilding a pinball machine.

Those of you that know what goes on in the "pin cave" understand. The rest of you need to know that there are people that think pinball machines are more important than washing machines. Those said men aren't totally harmless, they will try to steal your soul. Be wary of the pin man, who is only second worst to the Candy Man. *teehee*

Take that *Pin Man*