The Old Bamboo

These bamboo trees were snapped in the Imperial Shores, Riverdale, Bonita Shores area of Bonita Springs, Florida.  There are bamboo trees along a lot of the canals, the Imperial River and other bodies of water in the Bonita Springs area.  We have a lot of bamboo here.  It’s a little noisy when it’s windy.  It squeaks and sounds a little like wooden wind chimes when it knocks together.

Bamboo has a history with early Florida settlers using the tree trunks, which are hollow, to hide their gold and treasures.  Neat idea, huh?

That was long before Wachovia was on every corner, of course.  No, not that corner, that’s Walgreen’s corner.  Wachovia is across the street from it. 

At least bamboo didn’t have fees and over draft charges.