Potty Mind

Here's What People Were Looking For...

So here’s the weekly Sunday funnies. These are a few searches that brought people to my little Bonita Springs real estate blog. Some of them, you just have to wonder what they were *really* looking for:

  • bonita springs florida swap http://lifeinbonitasprings.com/ (Swap what?    YIKES)
  • i have a commercial vehicle in a deed restricted community http://lifeinbonitasprings.com/why-do-homeowner-associations-have-rules-restrictions-regulations/ (a little forethought is nice to see, commercial vehicles are a sometime no-no in HOA's here.)
  • a picher of spase in real life http://lifeinbonitasprings.com/ (would that be “picture” and “space”? and what the heck did I write about to bring that specimen in.  Ah, yes, and now I've used the word "specimen" that is right up there with "Master Bait and Tackle"....can't wait to see what "specimen" brings in! and someone is still looking for the "real mermaid photos", too.)
  • link:http://focusonfrederick.com/
  • bonita zoo in bonita springs http://lifeinbonitasprings.com/kid-zoo-of-bonita-springs-things-to-do/ (We do not cage our children, that only happens in Wakeman, Ohio....you’re looking for “Everglades Wonder Gardens”)