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Selling a Home Off Season

Back in the day they use to roll up the sidewalks and board the windows of a lot of the Southwest Florida businesses precisely seventy two hours after Easter Sunday. US 41 use to be a two lane road and by two lane I mean one lane going north and one lane going south. It seemed that nobody lived here when you compare it to the population and the infrastructure that we have now.

Some people have held on to the notion that once “season” is over everyone closes up shop and waits for the snow birds to come back. Some folks ask how slow real estate sales get here during the summer anticipating tales of hibernation.

Home owners want to know if they should bother to list their property or keep it listed over the summer or take it off of the market. The fact of the matter is real estate still sells after Easter and in the summer.

The only thing that usually changes during the summer is that the buyers are different. They’re focused and usually they’ve refined their list of what it is that they’re looking for. The out of state buyers may have been to the area during the winter and have taken a few months of to do research and watch the market. They’re wearing out the internet. They make a very specific trip back to buy and they’re well educated when they get here.

If you’re home is on the market this summer or you’re toying with the idea of selling this summer here’s a thought or two to kick around. This summer, on top of our snow birds that venture back to buy we’ll have the first time buyers out in force, too. The first time home buyers are just crushing it in this market. They’re taking advantage of that sweet $8,000 tax credit and the super low interest rates.

If your home or condo is in the $200,000 and under market your odds of selling over the summer should be pretty good. During the first two weeks of May nearly fifty percent of the sales were under $200,000 and twenty five percent of the homes sold were $200-400,000. This isn’t a new trend, either. We’ve been selling off the entry level sector of the market consistently since Christmas.

So, can you really sell your real estate in the summer? Absolutely. This summer, however, it’s going to be more about the price range that’s actually moving. If your real estate is priced in the $600 and over price range it just might be a long, hot, boring summer. Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em. That is the slowest moving segment of the market.

If you’ve got your home on the market this summer you should double and triple check your competition, latest closings and make sure you whittle at the pricing if you’re in the $600,000 and up price range. The competition is fierce so you better bring your A game.


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