Naples Half Marathon

Busy Busy Busy - The June Market Report Publishes July 9, '08

Sometimes the day in the life of a Bonita Springs real estate agent is just a marathon. When I hear the alarm in the morning I feel like a pony busting through the gate at the Belmont. Today was no different than most days. I can't tell you all the places I went, errands I ran, people I talked to, text messages I sent, phone calls I made, people I hugged, baby's I kissed and emails I sent. Whew. On top of that, I've probably put on about 150 miles on my car and the city of Bonita Springs is only 7 miles wide from West to East. Seriously. I wasn't even showing property. I've gone to Naples twice, Estero once, several neighborhoods in Bonita Springs, two title companies (one title company twice) and two banks.

When the day was done at 6:45 I had to go to the Albertsons-soon-to-be-Publix grocery store for grub because short of some Campbell's Cream o' Mushroom Soup, Teddy Grahams and stale Tostito's that I don't even remember buying, my kitchen is, uh, sad behind the cabinet doors. Come to think of it I even was even almost out of dog food. So goes the day of a real estate agent or this real estate agent.

There are a few people out there that just don't have a whole bunch of respect for what a real estate agent does, works for or stands for. Kind of a bummer because if one of *those* people were following me around they would have know that everything I did was for a consumer; a purchaser of real estate. I managed to even squeeze a few things in for friends, families, a cheerleading coach from yesteryear and find out when the funeral and mass for a friend will be taking place. Yeah, I have a little tiny personal life.

My sellers and my buyers are frequently thousands of miles from Bonita Springs, Florida and need an advocate working on their behalf. Someone has to fight for that rotted garage door to be replaced, pick up their new homes keys from the attorney or meet the locksmith so their home is secure until they can get back to Bonita Springs. For example: The buyer of my latest sale was 800 miles away on an internship and needed to make sure the repairs were made to their home and made properly. After a couple tries that failed and a flex from her agent, moi, the repairs were done the right way. Other buyer's and seller's need to make sure they get all of the documents, information and applications to get them to the speedy close they need to move in time for their work contract to start. A whip needs cracked and on top of what I do to process the transaction I even do a little extra to make sure the buyer or seller is happy and things go as smoothly as possible.

Tonight I will try to wrap up a little paper work that needs to be organized for my most recent sale. The buyers of this property are not in Bonita Springs, they're back up north. Their condo association application is mostly filled out, sans SS#'s and personal references. It even has necessary copy of the contract attached and is paper clipped to an envelope that is addressed and had the postage affixed so they get it done and mailed to *me* so I can hand deliver it and make sure it is done right the first time. I handed it to the buyer and tried to shake his hand and he hugged me almost breathless.

Just a day in the life. I should have finished law school, right?

We really have to love what we do to do this job. I love my job.