Mailbox Fort Myers Beach

The Totem, The Brew & The $20 Salad

If you take a day trip to Fort Myers Beach you'll find this totem mailbox at the South end of the Island.  It's about midway between the drawbridge and Santini Plaza, on the gulf side.  For you adventurous types that don't know the area, there are only two ways to get to Fort Myers Beach.  Pull out a map: the top and the bottom. This is at the bottom.

This photo was taken a few weeks ago.  It was decided for a change that it would be a good idea to run to the beach for lunch.  It was.  It was a lot of fun to people watch and see different sites for the day.  I'll skip sharing exactly (very near Lani Khai but not at Lani Khai because I am way too old to be chilling there) where I had lunch because I'm about to complain about having a Corona that cost $5.18.  That brew should have been on the wine list at price, so in homage I am putting it on my "whine" list and not having another beer there.  That was like my $20 salad at the Coconut Point mall.  Any wonder why these restaurants are having difficulty staying in business?  When the consumer does finally venture out, they're punished with $20 salads and $5 beers.  At that price someone should have been spoon feeding me the salad or rubbing my shoulders while I drank that Corona.  Just sayin'.

This rant is officially over. I will now write a letter to the establishment that I consumed these products in, put it in a totem mailbox as a sacrifice and be on my merry way.

Have a great weekend and remember to take your own brewskis to the beach.  Cans only, glass isn't allowed on the beach or pool decks.