Splashing Dogs at Dog Beach

No running, chasing, leading, following, barking or splashing.

Dogs at Beach

Size doesn’t matter, but …

Weiner Dogs at The Beach

If your dogs legs are less than three inches long, they must swim in packs.

boxer dog at the beach

Definitely no galloping or jumping … or smiling.

Blue Eyes Smiling at Me

Stare down, staring matches and blue eye hypnotism will barely be tolerated.

Wet little dog silkie

Pretend you’re having fun even when you’re thoroughly miserable.

Dog running on the beach

Obey all commands, that man behind you is following you … not running after you.

puppy sniffing a baby at the beach

No sniffing butts.

Dog Frisbee Beach

“Finders keepers” is considered beach policy with toys and food. 

Wiener dog swimming

Sea gulls are point-worthy, same as pheasant and duck.

If you’re interested in the legit rules of dog beach read also: Dog Beach Rules

To break every one of these rules use this map to find dog beach:

Map picture