So this "Taste of Bonita" is just a photo documentary of the July 4th parade, it has nothing to do with the next "Taste of Bonita" event...but you know I'll make sure you know you're up to speed on that event, too.

Bonita Springs Feet

Yes, a grown man was wearing those shoes.

Pooch of bonita springs

One of the many dogs at the parade.

Horse Bonita Springs

This horse was so saucy I was worried it's vapors would burn my eyes.

BEAR in the house

Bonita Springs Association of Realtors on the grind.

Little Bonita Springs Beach

Little BEAR Cubs marched, too.

Bonita Sprins Pottery

The paraded started at Rosemary Drive at Old 41 Road and ended just beyond Pennsylvania Avenue, at the little street that "Pottery as Art" is at. You *have* to see the pots here!