Paint Truck

Miffed.  Yeah, I'm miffed.  Yesterday, one of the many chores I had to take care of after find a store that still sold Tagemet (LBD has acid-reflux) was to pick up a new version of Quick Books.

Mind you, I'm still not over the Albertson's Grocery Store, next door, going all Publix on me.  I don't really have an issue with the change. I have an issue with all the lovely employees that Publix nursed along to rip the rug out from under.  Just sayin'.  It's the people why I shopped their, not the groceries.  I am one of those people that knows the names of the lady at the seafood counter, the bag boy and cashier.  So be warned, if you're a part time resident you'll return to find that many of the happy smiling faces at Albertson's have moved on to greener pastures to make way for Publix employees.

So, I'm in Office Max trying to figure out which version of Quick Books purchase and come across a multiple user version and decided to ask if it is able to be loaded on multiple computers or web based, since @Algorithm might enjoy the spoils of Quick Books 2008 and all.  The employee on the floor kind of guesses (uh, on a $499 un-returnable program) on how it gets used or applied.  I'm not sure if she can even find the "any key" on a computer keyboard by the look of her darting eyes and vagueness of anything she answers.

A few minutes after I decide to buy the regular version and I go to the check out and ask about George.  George is a gift from God.  I can tell you a million instances of how George saved my bacon.

To start with, he sold me filing cabinets.  Yes, this is import. Not just any old filing cabinets, special black filing cabinets.  I figured if real estate agents couldn't break them, then Lumberjack and 6-4 couldn't either.  They became dressers in my house.  Here's the clincher on this deal, parents.  You can only open one drawer at a time so they had to keep it neat, plus magnets stick to ‘em.  They are oh so sticker ready, too.  How cool is that?  I was the only person that ever purchased filing cabinets for dressers.  George told me so.  He also told anyone that bought filing cabinets my story, which I find hysterical.

Besides the filing cabinets, shredder, three printers, a page binder and a billion reams of paper George, not missing a blink even sold me two sided tape.  Two sided tape isn't a big deal until you know that you know I marched into Office Max toting my daughter in a tangerine colored evening gown, cut down to there, and said, "I need two sided tape".  George versed us in which tape would do what, for how long and how good.  Ok, he blushed a little but he got Mini Me locked and loaded.  Turns out, she wasn't the only kid worried about a wardrobe malfunction so George's gift kept giving all over that prom.

So, while I'm checking out my new program I get the news delivered by a woman with the personality of a fence post, and a couple of missing teeth, that George was LAYED OFF.  I teared up.

I'm so over these big businesses being awful managers.  They don't care about you, me or our kids but people like George do.

I'm more or less done with Office Max.  No, I'm more done with you.  If your bottom line is suffering, know that you threw out educated employees and people that care and it affected your sales.