Hornets Nest

Real Estate – More Fun Than a Barrel of Squirrels

Q. Are you a shill for NABOR? A. No, I am not a shill or even a member of NABOR nor have I ever been. If you don’t like what I write, turn the page or click the little red X in the upper right corner.

Q. Are you one of the Griffith’s involved with Moraya Bay? A. No, Griffith is a common last name. I am not the only one. I am also not related to Andy Griffith or Melanie Griffith. I am also not Irish and I do not have red hair. I don’t even like Lucky Charms.

Q. Had enough of the "greedy Realtor" references? A. No, just bored with it.

Q. Are you too special to answer my email? A. No, you were probably rude and I deleted it.

Q. You real estate agents did this! How can you say real estate selling off at bargain basement prices is good news? A. News about the real estate market is relative. Whether it’s good or bad, someone isn’t going to like it. That would probably be you.

There are plenty of people that are bitter about their housing situation and rightly so. You didn’t have to get into the real estate market during the volatile years to end up upside down or at a value below where you started. The current market value in my own neighborhood is back at what I paid for my own home in 1997.

If I could fix anything about the real estate market, I’d start on my own street. While I was at it I’d also get some of my neighbors to pay their HOA fees, too. Then maybe the vote would finally pass for me to get those three dead bushes replaced.

While I’d love to personally take the blame for single handedly destroying the nation’s economy and the real estate market, I just can’t. I have never flown to Bull Shoals, Arkansas or wherever, dragged buyers back to southwest Florida, carted them around in my car for three days, forced them to get a home equity loan and sign contracts to buy four condos in the same building.

That wasn’t me. While we’re at it, I also didn’t orchestrate the pump and dump of Cape Coral, Las Vegas, Lehigh Acres, Phoenix or any tower on Miami Beach.

There are plenty of people that got themselves into a world of hurt all by their own doing.

Put your finger away; whichever one you have displayed. I do not doubt for one minute that there are crappy real estate agents out there, but not all of them are.

To date, I have only met one consumer who took responsibility and admitted in a candid conversation, “I was greedy, the market changed, I got stuck. I was just greedy.” In all these years, one person out of a city, county, state and nation of people that participated in a financial and real estate anomaly that unraveled at one hundred times the speed it took to build up.

With all the blame shifting I have to ask if you really believe that we are an entire nation of hostages who fell victim solely to über powerful real estate agents whose two weeks of real estate class also armed them with hypnosis skill so cunning they were able to render every real estate consumer unable to make their own choices to walk away or to say no?

Maybe we should take over congress, next.

Remember, it’s the red X in the top, right corner.


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