Old Bonita Springs Mailbox

See that?  That house in the background hiding behind the palm tree?  There are about 20 of those houses in town.  I know where some of them are.  They were built about 25 years ago.  I guess someone had a plan and just sprinkled them through town.  They stand out a little because they're sort of Tudor looking and different than most of our homes which are just stucco and block.  There's one on Terry Street, One in Old Bonita, One on Shangri-La Road and one Paradise Road.  I'll probably see a dozen more homes like it this week just because it's on my mind.  I don't know if I've ever shown one before.

At any rate, this little blast from the 80's has a complementary 80's mailbox to go with it.  Don't you just know there's sea foam green or mauve tile in one of it's bathrooms.