Mermaid Mailbox

Mermaid Mailbox of Bonita Springs

Hickory Blvd. on Bonita Beach is more than just prime Bonita Springs real estate, its mailbox gold.  The variety of unusual mailboxes is unparallel anywhere in town.  I do realize that you probably drive by a thousand mailboxes weekly and don't give them a second thought.  I needed a free/cheap hobby so I started photographing mailboxes.  The bonus is I sometimes get to get some exercise while I'm looking for them.

Due to nature's cruel joke, I had an opportunity to take a few pictures on Hickory this week. What was nature's joke?  It seems that there are gnats of some variety that, in biblical proportion, either hatch or breed this time of year in the West Terry Street area.  That's one of my usual running paths.  Monday I headed out for a run and by the time I had gone about  a mile there were a billion bugs stuck on my body due to sweat.  As I turned onto Old 41 I ran through another cloud of the varmints and took in a nose full.  I sneezed until I got a nose bleed.  So there I sat on the curb in front of Maria's Mexican Restaurant covered blood, sweat and bugs.  I gave up.  I called one of the kids for a ride home.

Unfortunately, I finally had the opportunity to be only a few feet away from ZZ Top, a super cool guy that hangs out in front of Maria's, but I was too beat up to try to talk to him.  I run by him all the time and I'm dying to take his picture and meet him.  Anyway, I looked like a vagrant that had just been jumped.  A picture was taken but I'm not sharing it ‘cause I look like hell and someone might be eating their Cheerios.

Flash forward two days and I'm in the mood to get my run on so I decide that I'm just picking different geography and chancing that the beach winds push bugs away.  Way far away.  I snagged a spot at parking spot number two and ran down the sidewalk on Hickory and returned on the beach.  It was a great opportunity to grab a few photos of the mailboxes.  Actually, I'm set for mailboxes for a while and you're on the verge of being sick of hearing about Hickory and Bonita Beach. Trust me, you are.

For the record I didn't find my lost credit card but I did keep an eye on it as I ran by the red kayak.    The red - kayak lost credit card story is here:  Seeing Red at Bonita Beach | Bonita Springs, Florida