Bonita Springs Golf

Spring Run - Another Happy Golfer Finds a Home

Has hell finally frozen over in Bonita Springs, Florida? My Gardenia model in Spring Run at the Brooks has sold! That one was like lugging a 100 pound bag of bricks up a mountain. This little Bonita Springs condo was just a collateral damage of the real estate slump. Its owner's loved and cherished it but they had found their new home and needed to let one go. They were great clients and listened to me about pricing. Price is key, I told them so and they listened. They always kept the price below the others in Spring Run. The Little Condo That Could was so lucky that it found new owners.

There will be a few condos that coast through the summer empty and lonely. It's just because the numbers are stacked against them. In some communities inventory is high and the absorption rates actually hurt to calculate. Spring Run at the Brooks currently has a 2.99 year absorption rate for the low rise condos [Per the Sunshine MLS 5/27/08]. There's plenty to pick from starting at about $200,000. We've rolled back to 2005 pricing in some sections of Spring Run. If you've been thinking of picking up a golf condo in the Brooks, now would be the time to look in Spring Run. There are some great opportunities to buy. Owners with equity have reduced their prices to be super competitive and since most are not short sales, they will close fast.

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