john deere mailbox

Nothing Runs Like a Deere, on a Post, Planted in Dirt

When the storm called Fay (2008) came through Bonita Springs I took photos and did a little video to show people that mainstream media kind of has to sell commercial time and that we really were OK down here.  Well, most of us were.  There was some flooding in East Bonita all the way to Imperial Extension.  The folks in that part of town were not OK.  Read also:

My Version of Tropical Storm Fay in Bonita Springs, Florida

This week we had Hurricane Ike to deal with.  Oh, is a great site to track our systems.  I drove down Dean Street to the area that was flooded during Fay and it was coming back up again.  The Imperial River was rising and the streets were filling.

Again, the media just shows the huge "spinny storm with an eye, satellite map" to scare the goobers out of anyone that is up north, a part time resident, my mom, my clients, my friends and one of my most favorite Cananian couples, ever.  Today, I got an email just making sure that everything was all right down here in Bonita Springs and to please drop a line and let them know.

How better to say that everything is OK than to make a blog post of it and throw in a the Friday mailbox, too.  So, Peter and Jan, my neighbors to the north, almost everything is OK, with exception to the area of standing water from the last storm.   No wind damage and no power outages that I know about, anyway.  Bonita Springs will still be here when it's time to escape the cold winter of Canada.