Terrible Paint Color

Exterior Structure Changes and Paint Colors

Purchasing a home or condo in a deed restricted community or home owner association has benefits.  While some folks look at the homeowner association rules and regulations as a punishment it’s really to protect everyone.  It’s to preserve the values of the Bonita Springs real estate you’ve invested in, too.

Take into consideration barbecue grills on lanais of condos.  Many condo owners wish they could use a gas or charcoal grill when the rules either indicate no grills or electric grills only. Why?  Well, the other grills are dangerous in multi-family situations.  Besides, Bill and Betty down below really like the Grey Goose … so do you really want them playing with a gas grill below the bed you’re sleeping in?

Typically, the architectural review committee will review any changes a home owner would like to make to the exterior of a home or condo.  From putting on a screen door, to adding a swimming pool, to painting a home, there is likely a rule to control the aesthetic appeal of the change. 

Usually there is a committee of fellow owners who volunteer to review the plans of the proposed change to make sure it is compliant with the condominium or homeowner association documents … and not visually obtrusive.  Rules may include keeping architectural elements similar like all white pool cages.  Storm shutters must be clear.  Storm panels may not be left up year round.  The list goes on …

I don’t know what went wrong with the review of the paint color for the home above but it would be consider it a #FAIL.  This Bonita Springs home is located in a gated, Bonita Springs community with many gorgeous homes and then the great pumpkin got in.  I wonder if they check the architectural review committee for color blindness before they’re appointed.