Pet Adoption – Recycled Dogs Rule!

What you’re looking at is a dog that doesn’t know it hit the lottery.  When I was at Dog Beach I struck up a conversation with the owner of this darling dog because I noticed the dog had a little boo boo.  I thought this pooch got into a scuffle and had been bitten but it turns out that Doughnut the Dog, has a case of nerves. Hopefully, she has since gotten over her case of the nerves.

People that rescue dogs are angels, no doubt.  Rescue dogs often are placed in a humane society or a foster care, depending on the path of the rescue.  Doughnut was a resident of Gulf Coast Humane Society.  While I am sure Doughnut was grateful that she fell into the right hands she did spend a long time there waiting … waiting for a new forever owner who would decide that a recycled dog was the right thing to do and the green way to go. 

Doughnut waited months, several months and got a case of the nerves and was itchy and scratchy with anxiety which is why she looked like she had a boo boo.  What your looking at on Doughnut’s face is a look of disbelief, I think.  This was one of her first days in the great outdoors and at Dog Beach on the Gulf of Mexico right here in beautiful Bonita Springs.  I don’t think it had quite set in that her life was going to be different from this point forward.  Like I said … she won the dog lottery.

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If you’d like to find a rescue Doughnut to call your own, visit Gulf Coast Humane Society.  They’re always looking for volunteers to help care for the rescues until their forever homes are found.

Gulf Coast Humane Society

2010 Arcadia Street  Fort Myers, FL 33916


Update!! I paddleboarded to dog beach with Dillon August 5, 2012 and recognized Doughnut’s owner, not Doughnut … because Doughnut didn’t even look the same! She was so healthy, her coat was so thick and the wounds were healed.  Plus, her worry brows were gone. I think she even had gray hairs before and today she was totally black.  She stood still for 6 seconds for me to pet her and say hello before she was off with the other dogs.  What a miracle!