Foreclosure Eviction Notice

ForeclosureHere’s Your Sign

First, I do have to tell you that things are getting better in the Bonita Springs, Estero, Naples, Cape Coral and Fort Myers real estate markets.  Real estate sales volume, not price, is up.  We’re selling record amounts of units of homes and condos in Southwest Florida, at bargain basement prices. 

We still have a foreclosure or two happen in every neighborhood every now and again.  We’ll still have more.  There are those adjustable rate mortgages resetting in the next two years, plus the crappy economy will have many lose their jobs or have lost their jobs eventually get foreclosed upon.

The real estate market is swift and fortunately, I’ve been busy.  Last week, while showing property I came across a home that I couldn’t get the key to work in the lock.  It wasn’t the first time I walked up to a random piece of real estate and the lock wouldn’t work. I was once showing a condo in Lighthouse Bay and the lockbox was on the ground with the “out door half” of the door knob still stuck in it.

Sometimes the foreclosure and eviction notice are slapped on the door.  While it is sad that someone lost their home it is also good for the neighborhood.  Very often, home owners have not paid their taxes or even their neighborhood dues for months or year.  A portion of which can be recouped at close of sale of the delinquent property.

Lock Box

Foreclosure is sometimes sneaky.  The listing real estate agent doesn’t even know that their listing is foreclosed and that they lost their job and investment in marketing the condo or home.  I’ve made calls countless amounts of times just to let the listing agent know to come get their lock box. 

Sometimes it’s just the double lock box.  The home has been foreclosed.  The eviction notice posted, the lock changed and then the new agent, auctioneer or bank has had a lock box installed that is a “combo” box.  Below, the blue box is a real estate agent’s box and the combo box is, well, we don’t know because we don’t know how long this property will be in limbo before it gets listed as a foreclosure.

That is, if it makes it to the general public.  There may be cronyism with some banks that peddle listings in better locations or with great investment potential to their favorite investment groups or friends.  Come on, you knew that was going on, right? ;-)

New Foreclosure Dead Bolt

Martha Stewart Would Shriek

There are a few other foreclosure signs.  The shiny brass dead bolt.  Apparently, this is the cheapest, most effective way to change a lock on a budget.  We, the real estate agents, see them everywhere. 

Who does brass or mixes shiny brass with tarnished brass and leaves the ever-so-fashionable paint ring from the last lock? 

Sometimes it’s just an old fashioned hinge with a Master Lock on it.  It’s never about beauty.  But then again, there’s nothing about foreclosure  is pretty.

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