Bonita Beach Fisherman

The Gorton's Fisherman? | Bonita Springs, Florida

This one is coming from my archives. I took it a while back right after the bug incident on Old 41 while I was running. The experience was so terrible I ended up running on Bonita Beach to avoid the gnats on the next run. That's when I found this fisherman mailbox.

Today, I tried giving a run down West Terry Street another shot and had nearly the same crappy results with the gnats. They're just terrible, especially by Bonita Springs Middle School. There's standing water from the storms and I bet it made them hatch. Well, I had them on me, in my hair and even in my eyes. Unfortunately I had made salsa verde right before I walked out the door for the run and had jalapeno juice on my fingers so I couldn't even wipe my eyes. If I was smart, I'd just quit running. It's beginning to be work.

Next run is back at Bonita Beach. The gulf wind keeps the bugs away. I know...I could always head indoor to the treadmill a the gym but I don't do so well on those things. Plus, when we have power outages and people are running and they turn off, they literally run smack into the dashboards. It's hilarious, but I don't want that happening to me.

Any who, The fisherman lives on Hickory Boulevard kind of near beach access #2, just a couple hundred feet from Doc's Beach House restaurant. His mermaids are a stone's throw away, too. Read also: The Little Mermaid of Bonita Beach. I'll be down there running circles around him tomorrow because I'm over the gnat situation in Bonita Farms.