The Mexican Butterfly Weed

First, I apologize for the mediocre picture. I was so excited to see the caterpillars that I whipped out the cell phone and snapped a picture right away before the sun set fully.  Second, this nature experiment started sort of by accident because I took a picture of the plant in Bonita Bay and it had a monarch butterfly on it.   I matter of factly added that I need to find out what the plant is so I can get monarchs in my back yard.  The picture of the plant is here: Deerwood Bonita Bay

It wasn’t long until a loyal reader sent me the info on the plant and I was on my way to the Home Depot on Bonita Beach Road. I picked up a variety of plants that attract butterflies, including the Mexican Butterfly Weed. I had a monarch visit within days.  I saw them laying eggs and today, when I ate dinner out on the patio with Dillon the Villain and saw the caterpillars.  I have dozens of them already!  

We are officially, accidental butterfly gardeners! Thanks Minnesota Mike!

Here is some more scientific info about the plant if you’re interested in attracting monarchs: